Saturday, January 14, 2012

"You are here, You are here, in Your presence I'm made whole"

I must start by thanking each and every person for their prayers, their encouraging emails, notes, etc, and for the tears that they've cried with me.  I am blessed beyond measure!  I have been so encouraged in the last few days by the words spoken by family and friends.  The verses given have been like water to a parched land. SERIOUSLY. I know it sounds cliche, but I'm completely serious. 
God has used you to speak into my life in this difficult season.  I appreciate your honesty and stories of when you struggled as you became parents.  I appreciate that so many have tried to imagine what it would be like to be here without their spouse.  I appreciate that you've shared your stories of how difficult life was when your husband was away for even LONGER.  I appreciate you caring so much about me, and this story of God's redemption, that you took the time out of your lives to bless me.  You are a minister of God's grace and peace and joy.  And I thank you.

I also can't go on without thanking Barry.  He's prayed, and gone through so much to honor my request of him to come early.  He will be with me on Wednesday, and that is the light at the end of the tunnel for me.  He will be here early, and I am so so grateful.  I am so blessed by his faithfulness, his love, his determination, and his FAITH.  He is the best gift that God has given me, and I am undeserving.  He's incredible.

And, last, but not least, the team members that are living here have been AMAZING.  They've fed me, listened to me, welcomed me more than needed, spent hours helping me attempt to set up the internet, helped me with Russian, and how to buy bananas, and so many other things.  I would have turned around and come home by now if it weren't for their friendship...and some of them just met me in December.  Pray for them, for their time here, and for their growth and work.  They are the true heros in this story.  They are with the orphans of this area everyday.  They pour out their hearts and lives to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  I could never thank them enough for what they do.

Ok, so on to a few details:  yesterday I was able to get working on adoption stuff.  I mainly followed V around and signed papers from 9:30 until about 3 yesterday.  Oh, and handed her my passport.  We have Sveta's adoption certificate, birth certificate, passport photos (which might be the cutest thing I've ever seen with her grossly enormous pink bows on both pigtails - so big you can't see her pigtails), and have applied for the passport.  You can only pick passports up on Tuesdays, so be praying it is ready by the 24th.  That would be a HUGE blessing instead of having to wait until the 31st. 

I also was able to play with Sveta yesterday for about 45 minutes.  She was active and talkative.  We played with stickers, balloons, and my "telephone" (aka ipod touch which she thinks is my phone).  I took a few pictures.  My favorite (which I will have to wait to post) is of her holding her magnadoodle that Nana and Pop bought her.  On it she drew a picture of her papa and she's got the cheesiest smile on her face.  She decided to draw papa without being prompted.  :)  I asked her if mama and papa should come visit soon and she said yes.

I found out that we are able to visit her in the coming weeks with or without an interpreter.  We can't go everyday because of a chicken pox epidemic, but we will be able to go.  YAY!  I really think that will help with her transition.  She'll be able to get to know us on her turf and feel a little more comfortable before we take her away from the only place she's ever known.

I can't wait until Barry and I can go see her together!!

I'm going to stay pretty busy until Barry gets here with the team and following them on their tasks.  Today we're going to a cafe for lunch, and then to have game day at one of their flats.  That should be fun!!  Then I'll be staying with the girls tonight for girls night, pancake breakfast, church tomorrow afternoon, and then ice skating with a bunch of their Russian friends.  Then Monday, I'm going to take Jill's (my sister-in-law) advice and head to a coffee shop where I can practice and learn more Russian phrases and words.  I will probably also take Barry's advice and go to globus to find him the most absurd and strange thing I can find and have it waiting for him on Wednesday when he arrives.

Again, thank you all.  Please keep the notes, and emails coming.  Even if you aren't into flowery words, tell me about what you are up to, and how I can be praying for you.  Sometimes I forget that everyone else's life is still going on in America while I'm here...and it is nice to be reminded that some of you are still going on date nights, and taking your kids to soccer practice, and working like mad on the changes happening in your ministry.

Also, if you have skype, and are up for talking either kind of early in the morning, or late at your night...let me know.  I'd LOVE to see your faces.  It's been so so nice to talk to Barry on skype...and yesterday I lucked out when I called and got to see Julie and Rachel and say hello to them.  It's like a breath of fresh air.  Face time would also work, although I've not attempted to use it here.  Just email.  Or you can text me::  812-269-1256.  I'll text back if/when I have internet.  Just try to remember that it's 9 hours different...but really text anytime! 


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  1. Jessi, it is so good to hear that all is going well. We miss you and look forward to all of you returning to us. You can bet we are praying that Sveta's passport is there the 24th. Take care and see you soon. Gayle