Friday, March 29, 2013

Mercy Found Link-Up

Oh how I love my friends over at MercyFound Ministries.  They are hosting a fun link-up today...and even if you don't blog, you can head over to (AFTER you read my High, Low, and Lesson Learned) and join in.  Just comment in the comments section!!
Yesterday, we were leaving a little amish store close to our house, and Sveta was enjoying chasing the kittens and waving at the horses.  As we drove away, she continued to wave at the kittens, saying, "Bye. I love you. And remember, God made you special."
I don't know where she comes up with these things.  Barry and I don't say things like that.  I don't think...but she's crazy creative and is constantly saying something hilarious.  Amazing that she's only been speaking English for a little over a year!
I don't really have one this week.  It's been a great week.  Maybe the fact that I overdid it yesterday and my back really hurt would be it.  I struggled to walk normally. It still hurts a bit today, but I can walk again!
Don't overdo it.  It's a bad idea at 26 weeks pregnant, when you are as swollen as I am to make muffins, clean the pantry, and the bathroom all in the same day.  Small steps.
Also, I must mention that today is GOOD Friday.  And my lesson learned in the spiritual realm this week has been to remember what Jesus went through on the cross so many years ago.  Not only did He suffer physically, but He was seperated from the Father, and the emotional and spiritual anguish He must have felt, I just can't fathom.  I am grateful for His sacrifice...for by His wounds, I have been healed.

Praise Him.

Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patty's day presents...

I didn’t get to link up with MercyFound Ministries this weekend…


Sadly, my weekend got away from me before I realized it!  But, I really enjoy looking back over my week and sharing with all of you.  So, here’s my high, low, and lesson learned anyway!!




Last night Barry came home from the church late, and I was already asleep.  He woke me and gave me a card to read (which I did so with blurry eyes).  It was a St. Patrick’s day card…which we don’t actually celebrate, but the writing inside was the perfect encouragement I needed. 


And inside the envelope was a ring.  Complete with a pearl, that he slipped on my oh so fat finger…because…




One night this week I was overcome with emotion.  I was convicted about how much I expect out of Sveta, and how I don’t give enough grace…and was reminded of how quick to become frustrated I have been lately.  I want to be able to just say, “oh, it’s my hormones.”  But guess what my friends…hormones, or not…it’s sin.  And I want to deal harshly with sin.  God does, and I should too.  I can’t just chalk it up to being pregnant, I need to deal with my emotions in a healthy way…not by just getting frustrated over little things that really aren’t a big deal at all.


I also was just sad and feeling like I wasn’t myself. For one, I’m swollen (you’ve heard about this).  But, despite gaining weight (which I’m really ok with), I’m just heartbroken that I can’t wear my wedding ring.  Not because I worry what Barry will think, or because I even care what others will say…but because of what that ring symbolizes.  I was in tears talking to Barry about it…which is why last night I was so blessed by the fact that he went out and bought one for me to wear while my fingers are just HUGE.


I keep looking at my new ring, and I don’t care if he got it out of a gumball machine…it’s a reminder to me of his love.  It’s a reminder to me of how he loves me like Christ loves His church.  And let me tell you friends, my husband is excellent at loving me as an example of how Christ loves His church.  I am beyond blessed, and so grateful for Barry.  I learn more about Jesus everyday by watching him learn, love, and live.




Not only have I learned from Barry this week, but also in my breakdown over all sorts of things – it boiled down to this::

I am not in control.  I want control.


So, I’ve been trying to find things to control (Sveta’s behavior, our family eating plan/schedule, etc).  I do, however, feel a responsibility to give my family healthy meals to eat.  Some days I do well, others, I fail m.i.s.e.r.a.b.l.y.  But, God is good.  And he’s given me new insights, and a desire to fill myself only with what is honorable and pleasing to Him.


In my research, I found this gem of a website::

I’ve perused it before, but not like I am preparing to.  I want all the information I can…I want to remember what I learned from Jen Hatmaker’s book “7” and I want to live simply and radically for my Jesus.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Baby. Carpal Tunnel. Blessings.

MercyFound Ministries is an incredible ministry to families who are in the process of adopting!  Hop over and check out their blog::
Before you do::  Here's my Week in Review
The baby is kicking like MAD.  It is the coolest feeling in the world.  Sadly, Barry still can't feel the baby.  Hopefully in the next few weeks. 
Sveta is learning so much about Jesus.  The other night we put her in the tub and she said she didn't want to be all alone.  Then she said, "wait, I'm not all alone.  God is with me."  I love that she is understanding who He is and how much He loves her. Praying that one day she will decide to live her life for Him and only for Him.  Thankful.
My pregnancy has caused me to swell like a giant balloon.  Or at least my fingers to feel like sausages.  This has in turn caused Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right wrist/hand (yeah, I'm ONLY 23 weeks).  Needless to say ordinary tasks hurt (some days are better than others), but they thing that gets me the most is that it is hard to write without it hurting.  I am a journaler through and through.  I write my prayers out each morning in my journal and can look back over years and see how God has answered my prayers.  I hope and pray that my hand hurting doesn't cause a decrease in my prayer life since I can't write.  Typing, or just praying aloud will have to increase!! :)
Lesson Learned::
It is ok to accept help.  A friend of mine called last night to inform me that her husband would be picking Sveta up at 8am and they'd bring her back after lunch at the earliest.  This way my sick husband could rest, and I could study and get some things accomplished.  WHAT. A. BLESSING. 
8am came. I sent Sveta off. I've studied, gone over personal and family goals, updated my calendar to sync online, scheduled family events, etc for the next few months, am blogging, and next will meal plan. I have done this all from the comfort of my couch, without interruption.  Incredible. 
So, when a friend offers to help...don't be prideful and say, oh it's ok, we don't need it.  TAKE it.  Be blessed by their willingness, and soak in the silence! this for your friends and family.  Really.  Bless each other.  The end.

Friday, March 1, 2013

High, Low, Lesson Learned: My Week in Review


I'm participating in a link-up with MercyFound Ministries today.  This is a highlight of my week, because they ask us to share a high, low, and a lesson learned.  It's a great way to look back at your week and review it!  Don't forget to link-up yourself (if you are a blogging type) or leave your answers in the comment section over at

Before you make your's my Week in Review!


I got to go on a date with my husband last night.  It's been a crazy few weeks around here, and it was so great to just be with him.  We just ran into town to have dinner, stop at the auction house, and run through Goodwill.  Knowing that Sveta was in good hands with my dear friend Rachel, helped us both just to relax and enjoy being out together.  So So good.

If you don't still date your should really start!! :)


One morning this week, as I was finishing up making breakfast for my little family (sausage, egg, cheese bagels...yum) Sveta walked into the dining room.  (Remember, that the last couple of weeks have been crazy, so I decided to get up and make a nice breakfast so we could all be together before Barry had to go off to work).  She immediately started crying and said something like, "I'm sorry, I peed."  I asked why she had peed in her pants, and she told me that Daddy was taking too long.  I gentle reminded her that if Daddy was using the potty, and she couldn't wait, that she had waited too long to go potty in the first place.  I told her to go stand in the tub. 

As I walked through the house, my socks began to get wet, and I could see pee marks on the wood floor of the entry way.  Then, right outside the bathroom was a puddle.  She had peed, then proceeded to walk through the house and get pee on the carpet in the hall, living room, and dining room.  WHAT A MESS.  I was so mad.  She's been waiting too long because she doesn't want to stop playing. 

Needless to say, she took a bath.  Barry helped clean the floor while I got her in the tub.  Barry ate his breakfast quickly so he could wash her, and Sveta ate her breakfast cold.  So much for a family morning! :)

Lesson Learned::

Don't automatically freak-out when a nurse calls you and tells you that the results of your test were "pretty normal."

Because, let me tell you...I DID!  I had an ultrasound last Friday, and she called with the reading of the results.  She literally said, "pretty normal."  And then proceeded to tell me that he'd like the ultrasound repeated in 2 months.  WHAT??

I asked what "pretty normal" meant, and informed her that my next appointment was 4 weeks away, when he'd go over the results in more detail.  She immediately apologized for her poor choice of words...but I'm still a little concerned over my "pretty normal" results.