Sunday, July 17, 2011

MORE. больше.

This blog, thus far, has been mainly about Sveta's journey home...but today it's about a little bit MORE.

MORE, because God is always giving more than we deserve. 

I heard a story tonight about Cory Ten Boom and her father riding on a train.  I won't go into the story - but it made me again remember that God will only give us what we can handle, when we can handle it.  He never gives us MORE than we can handle...even though sometimes it seems like MORE. 

MORE, because we are at a place where we're having to trust God MORE.

MORE, because the more Barry & I walk this journey together we see God's purposes in our waiting and trials...we get MORE time to pray for Sveta and prepare our home and hearts for her to arrive.  We get MORE time to invest into learning how we want to parent.  We get MORE chances to share how God is orchestrating each detail of this family coming together.  We meet MORE people who understand God's heart for adoption...and become MORE encouraged with each conversation.  We have MORE opportunities to spend time with our Creator and understand his call on our family.  And one of my favorites...we have MORE intentional time together...because we know that soon it won't just be us anymore - and as much as we are looking forward to two becoming three, we are savoring our "us" moments.

MORE, because on Tuesday we will begin our second home study with a new agency, since our original agency is on the blacklist.  This new home study means MORE meetings, MORE paperwork, MORE money, and MORE waiting...but we've gotten good at waiting. We realize that waiting isn't we try to wait actively and make use of all of the moments we have as we count down to the moment we're all waiting for!!

As you wait with us, enjoy the photos of our Sveta's room!  

Monday, July 11, 2011

"Waiting for the phone to ring"

The phone rang at 6:22, and I ran to see who it was.  The number began with 317 so I knew it was an Indianapolis number.  I breathed a quick prayer of "please," and I know my God hear the longer meaning of "Please let it be Nadya (name changed) with news about the adoption."

My God answers prayers.  As soon as I heard the Russian accent on the other end of the phone I breathed a sigh of relief...she called back.  I explained to her our predicament and asked for her advice.  Let me pause here:

  • Predicament as we understand it::  The people in Leningrad that accept the documents for post-    placements is not the same entity that creates the blacklist.

  • Our questions::  Will it be quicker to update our homestudy?  Or will clearing our Home Study agency from the blacklist take less time? 

Nadya began to explain that she was not able to call Russia this morning because she did not get up on time as she just returned from being out of town, but that she would call Russia in the morning and try to find out more so she can answer our questions more accurately.  She said I could call her tomorrow to check back with her.  She said that it was no problem for her to get up very early and call...she's amazing.  But, she also said that she can't promise that she'll be able to get ahold of the correct people - or that the phone system will work long enough for them to finish a conversation.

Here's where you come in:  Pray that when Nadya calls tomorrow early morning that she will immediately be able to talk to the correct person, and that he/she will be able to resolve this issue once and for all for us (either that the agency is cleared, or that they won't help us).  We really just need a clear answer on yes we can move on, or no, we've got to go the redoing the home study route.  We just want to move.

Also, pray for Barry, Sveta, and myself as we continue to spend time apart.  I know how difficult is has been for Barry & I at times.  We miss her miserably...but I can't begin to imagine how long this wait has been in the life of a three-year-old.

On a fun note, there are a few little ones at church whose families are praying for us much so that they are constantly asking when "Feta" (they can't say Sveta) is going to get home from Russia.  Every time I hear them ask it makes my heart happy knowing that our little one already has friends waiting for her...on top of a whole community of friends and family that love her already.

Thanks for loving and caring for our family.