Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Beauty for Ashes

Tonight, as I snuggle with this one::

I am thinking of this one::

My thoughts center around the joy these two bring me, in such different ways. But as I rejoice, I find myself mourning. Mourning for Sveta, and myself. She didn't get cuddled by her Mama as an infant. She didn't have her cries immediately answered. She didn't have anyone to lovingly bathe, dress, and feed her. She was lucky to get a diaper change every so often.  And I didn't get to do any of that for her. It breaks my heart, and yet makes me so proud of her, and who God made her to be...and it makes me grateful beyond words for how God sustained and sustains her.  How he is creating beauty, from ashes...

She is the strongest little girl I know. She fought through all sorts of adversity, was uprooted by two strangers, and has the most joy I have ever seen. She teaches me much about God's goodness and provision and protection. Today she was singing all about how God is the One True God, and some people worship other idols, but they should only worship the Real God like she does.  She is an example to me daily of God's redeeming love...and most days I miss the reminder because I am too busy with a task. 

Today I saw.
And tomorrow I will wait with anticipation to see God continue to weave her story.  And in doing so, remind me of my own redemption story.

Praise be to God, who made this the other night:

And who orchestrated the building of this little family (post on Elliott's name to come)::