Monday, January 24, 2011

Education is Key!

On Saturday we had our second homestudy appointment in Indianapolis.  Everything is moving along quickly, as our social worker will visit our home on February 5th.  We will be moving back in officially on Saturday, but really moving things slowly all week long.  The following week will be full of cleaning and painting our little one's room (hopefully).

In the midst of the house chaos we will be spending all day Friday & Saturday morning in classes about adoption.  We'll also have to take an additional afternoon class in February, and on online.  Once we have those completed, and the homestudy process complete, we can begin our paperwork for the Russian government and potentially travel "fairly soon" - whatever that means!! 

Thanks again for your prayers.  We can't wait to share our news officially in a few weeks.  We do need a few random things to help us with decorations for the dinner.  If you have any of the following (and would be willing to let us put it out as decor on the 12th - please let me know!!):
  • small stuffed animals
  • children's winter hats
  • children's t-shirts
  • children's pants
  • baby shoes
  • baby bottles
  • mittens for children
  • transformer toys
  • diapers
  • anything "snow" or "snowflake"ish
  • star shaped decorative items
We know - it's random stuff - but it would REALLY help!!!