Thursday, November 1, 2012

Adoption Awareness Month Begins!!


It begins the season I love so so much, even though I HATE being cold...somehow there is something just plain beautiful and inviting in a snow covered tree, and sipping hot chocolate by a fire.

This month also marks National Adoption Awareness Month.  So, my goal this month is to make you all more aware.  :)  Hope you are up for it!

I just received a brand new curriculum on adoption and God's heart behind it!  It seems pretty incredible, although I've not had a chance to dive in too deep, yet.  I am planning to hold a "conference" of sorts to walk through the curriculum with anyone interested in God's heart for orphans and/or adoption.  I am going to need HELP!  So, if this is something you are interested in, please let me know if and what you'd like to help with!

Here's your assignment for today/this weekend:  look up what God has to say about orphans in the Bible.  Seriously...look it up.  You'll find some amazing things about how He created provisions for the fatherless, how He calls His followers to care for the orphan more than once, and how He adopts each one of us into His family, so that we are no longer orphans.

Check out these videos on youtube...and ask yourself, "Why Wouldn't I?"  Why wouldn't I decide to be like Christ and open my home and heart to a child who needs a home, a family, and Jesus?  (And be honest with yourself about the answer...I'd love to chat about what you found out).  Trust me, I'm sure there's many reasons why you wouldn't:  finances, age, other children in the home, fear (that they won't be easy, of what others think, of your life changing), etc.)  

Then think about God.  What if He had decided NOT to give you a home, a family, and Salvation?  What if He would have just left us to our sinful nature, and not adopted us in? 

Adoption is a life choice.  It's a hard road.  But it's a blessed road.  And it's an incredible picture of the Gospel of Jesus's a picture to a child, to a family, and to many that watch your story unfold as a reflection and as a part of His Greater Story.

"Why Wouldn't I?" By Peder Eide
LoubaSing (Sveta in Russia)
Steve and Beth's Story (TISSUES needed)