Friday, March 8, 2013

Baby. Carpal Tunnel. Blessings.

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Before you do::  Here's my Week in Review
The baby is kicking like MAD.  It is the coolest feeling in the world.  Sadly, Barry still can't feel the baby.  Hopefully in the next few weeks. 
Sveta is learning so much about Jesus.  The other night we put her in the tub and she said she didn't want to be all alone.  Then she said, "wait, I'm not all alone.  God is with me."  I love that she is understanding who He is and how much He loves her. Praying that one day she will decide to live her life for Him and only for Him.  Thankful.
My pregnancy has caused me to swell like a giant balloon.  Or at least my fingers to feel like sausages.  This has in turn caused Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right wrist/hand (yeah, I'm ONLY 23 weeks).  Needless to say ordinary tasks hurt (some days are better than others), but they thing that gets me the most is that it is hard to write without it hurting.  I am a journaler through and through.  I write my prayers out each morning in my journal and can look back over years and see how God has answered my prayers.  I hope and pray that my hand hurting doesn't cause a decrease in my prayer life since I can't write.  Typing, or just praying aloud will have to increase!! :)
Lesson Learned::
It is ok to accept help.  A friend of mine called last night to inform me that her husband would be picking Sveta up at 8am and they'd bring her back after lunch at the earliest.  This way my sick husband could rest, and I could study and get some things accomplished.  WHAT. A. BLESSING. 
8am came. I sent Sveta off. I've studied, gone over personal and family goals, updated my calendar to sync online, scheduled family events, etc for the next few months, am blogging, and next will meal plan. I have done this all from the comfort of my couch, without interruption.  Incredible. 
So, when a friend offers to help...don't be prideful and say, oh it's ok, we don't need it.  TAKE it.  Be blessed by their willingness, and soak in the silence! this for your friends and family.  Really.  Bless each other.  The end.

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  1. Remember to take help when that baby gets here. I still have a hard time accepting help. I think the ONLY redeeming quality of pregnancy (ok except for the baby at the end) was feeling her move. Everything else generally stunk. You're over halfway!!!