Friday, January 27, 2012


Yesterday was spent packing up the apartment in Vladimir and traveling to Gus.  We saw Sveta for about an hour yesterday afternoon. She wasn't interested in playing with us or with the toys, so it seemed.  It was a difficult visit.  But we've found that she LOVES cheerios. 

After our visit with Sveta, we came to the church and were greeted by members of the Worship team.  We had tea and cookies with them and then listened to them practice.  They sang a few songs we'd never heard, and then a bunch we had: Thy Word, a Kutless song I can't think of the name of, Light of the World, In Christ Alone, and Revelation Song.  It was incredible to worship with them!  We will attend church here on Sunday, and Sasha will interpret for us as his day preaches (it was that, or Barry was going to preach).  The people have been incredible to us.  After Worship practice we went to a grocery store with Sasha to pick up a few things.  Barry then made us pulmeni (dumplings) for dinner.  Yum.  We went to bed soon after that.

We woke up and Skyped with great friends (so so good to see familiar faces and talk to them).  Then we were off to meet Jane (our interpreter) at the Voksal (bus station).  We met her and went to see Sveta.  We visited for almost an hour and a half.  It started rough, but ended up being wonderful.  I'm so impressed by Barry.  Sveta is beginning to warm up to him, and I know it's partly due to his loving and gentle way of trying to interact with her.  He's not pushy at all, but lets her know that he's going to be around.  I think she likes that.  She's not seen interactions between spouses much either, so when Barry was getting the hair out of my eyes she kept saying "ne nada"and moving his hand.  We were able to explain that papa was helping mama because he loves her.  Then we started to poke papa, and she liked this game.  We played ball, "koo-koo" which is like "peek-a-boo", and gave Sveta rides on our shoulders today.  It was fabulous.

After the orphanage we had lunch at a fast food place that has a logo like McDonald's but it's upside-down and red and yellow.  It was fine.  We took a bus back to the church.  Now Barry is out gallivanting around the forest that is not far from here, and I'm returning emails and blogging.  For date night this week I think we will run to the store to get items for garlic bread and we'll have that with pasta...and then maybe watch a few episodes of House and play a game.

Tomorrow is a day of exploration and I'm going to the sauna (maybe) with the women's group.

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