Wednesday, January 18, 2012

To Moscow I go

So at about 12:20 a car pulled up to where I was waiting for him and said something like "get in." I asked if his name was what I was told my drivers name would be...then realized of course he would say yes. So I said, "where are you takin me?" He said to the airport in Moscow. So I got in the car with 2 men. They did there best to ask me questions...why was I hear, how long was I staying, who is coming to the airport, etc. Then the friend (a political lawyer) got out and said goodbye. Then the driver said something about money and gas and then said his brother was coming. I thought his brother just was riding with...but the driver got out and the brother got in the driver's seat. Driver 1 waved and walked away. Driver 2 began driving. I texted Frenchy to see if we really trusted these people. He called driver 1 who said somehow came up so brother/ driver 2 was going to take me...but everything was fine. Then driver 2 drove to a parking lot in front of an official looking and something that looks like the police  or military something. He held up one finger and then got out of the car. I am sitting here. Praying. He came back, sat in passenger's seat and rifled through a wallet and papers in the glove box. I called Frenchy in tears. I don't know what is happening. I am supposed to call Frenchy when he gets back. He just ran in front of the car and walks out some gate. No idea what is happening. He got back, Frenchy talked to him. He got stopped and had to pay a fine. Now it is 1:08 and we are still in Vladimir.

2:34pm - We stopped in покров (Pokrov) for driver 2 to get a drink. He signaled that with hand gestures, and I said no thanks, but asked for a bathroom. We got out of the car and he grabbed my hand to help me walk on the icy stairs. He bought a water and explained we would have to go back to the machina (car) for the toilet. We drove to the same place we always stopped on the bus. I knew exactly where the bathroom was. Driver 2 bought a snack and we are on our way again.

5:21pm I have arrived at the airport. Barry's flight is expected to arrive in 30 minutes. I am beyond excited!


  1. Sweetie,

    I can see why that would have scared you. It scared me and I was just READING about it. Thankfully you are safe and thankfully you will soon be reunited with the Love of Your Life. We are praying for all three of you and praying for expedient processing of Sveta's passport. Now that the time is drawing so close, we are more eager than ever to have you all safely home. I love you!


  2. Yay! So glad you survived the sketchy experience and made it to the airport!! So excited for you!

  3. What an adventure you're having! You will have a wonderful, amazing incredible story to tell Sveta as she grows. And with every telling, you will know and she will know the amazing love that motivated, protected and moved mountains so that you could be a family. Incredible cement.