Tuesday, January 24, 2012

God is ALL Knowing

Oh. my. word.

God is so good.  Barry and I have been blessed beyond measure by the way God has been orchestrating Sveta's story for SOOOO many years. 

Today was our best visit yet with her.  She held her hands out to papa to pick her up (and let him do so a few times), she shared her cheerios and cheez-its with both of us, she let me hold her and talked my ear off for a while, she hugged us a few times before we left, and grabbed Papa's hand to have him lead her back to her group.  She's amazing.  And she's ours!

We also met with Sasha, saw his church, and are deciding when to go and stay in Gus at the church.  He's a great man, and so so helpful and kind.  So glad God allowed us to connect with him.  He also got the director to allow us to come everyday this week to visit Sveta.  (Oh, and it's quarantine for the flu, not chicken pox...which makes WAY more sense)

We'll pick Sveta up from the orphanage for good on Tuesday the 31st and head to Moscow for about a week or so.  We've changed our tickets to come home, got a rough plan of what our days in Moscow will be like, and have made some plans to explore a bit more.  We are going to enjoy our time here.  This morning, I was not looking forward to more time here, but now I've feeling better about it.  I am reminded that God is so so so good and I'm so not in control! He is.

More later.


  1. That's such good news! I bet Barry was in Sveta heaven. After seeing you without him she may have been relieved to see he was still in her life, thus the great reaction. So happy! You made my day. Make some memories in this last week and enjoy every minute together. Love you WWW! Momma

  2. I love this! :) Glad things have improved for you- it makes all the difference to be connected to someone when you're away from all things familiar! Still praying for you guys, and here's hoping we get to say Hi in the airport! :)