Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Happenings

Yesterday the entire team and myself went to a little cafe for lunch.  I ate blini (pancake like thing) with cheese and drank tea.  My lunch was 27 rubles (less than a dollar).  And it was YUMMY.  After that we played some games at the girl's flat and I was able to Skype with Barry.  Then we had dinner, great conversation and we watched a movie.  I talked to Barry right before I went to sleep, and I got to talk with Ray and Kathleen (my incredible in-laws).  They thought Skyping was an interesting was fun to see them and Barry all together. 

I slept GREAT!  For one, Megan's bed is really comfortable, and I am finally starting to get adjusted to time.  I woke up to skyping with Barry again (can you tell it's my lifeline??).  Then I ran to my flat to shower and get ready for the church.  Came back just in time for pancakes and eggs.  We sat around for a while and then headed to church which started at 2pm. 

There was a worship team from a different church visiting and leading today.  They did several songs in Russian, and one that I knew the English words too.  The worship songs last for about 45 minutes.  Then the pastor spoke about a few passages, but centered on Philippians 2:12-13.  Awesome.  I only understood because a sweet lady (the youth pastor's wife) sat in the middle of the Americans and interpreted.  Then a lady prayed very passionately for the prayer requests (that wasn't translated because the lady praying spoke SO quickly).  They took up the tithe, and then did a special offering for the House of Prayer (they are building their own building just outside the city...they rent now).  The church's name translates as "light of the world."  It is a neat place.  I enjoyed it, but can't imagine going to a church every Sunday where I cannot understand everything that is happening.  It was hard to completely focus on Jesus when I was trying to pick out words I understood.

After church Bethany and Molly went ice skating with a ton of friends, but I wasn't feeling so hot.  Megan and I decided to just head back to the girl's flat.  We watched an episode of a tv show on her computer, had a snack and tea, and then went to Globus. She got a few groceries, and I bought milk.  We ate at the cafe there. I had salmon and french fries.  The salmon is the first meat I have eaten since I've been here.  It tasted delicious!  During dinner we had the best conversation.  All about life and ministry and what our God is up to.  Encouraging for sure.

Now I'm back at the girl's flat waiting for the phone call to go to my place to finalize the Internet set up.  A friend of Frenchy's is going to come help.  But we're not sure when he's going to be back in town.  I pray we can get it set up tonight! Please pray with me.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!!  Keep me posted...I really do LOVE hearing from home!

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