Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday, January 25th

Today was a strange day.

I (Jessi) had a morning full of "I'm not liking Russia at the moment" moments.  I'm not even sure why.  So, I decided to just do nothing today and rest and relax.  I haven't left the flat all day. But I have done 2 loads of laundry...which has been a huge deal because the washing machine has a knob that makes NO sense at all.  And it's complicated to say the least.  But, the clothes are hanging to dry and they are cleaner than they were.

Barry, however, visited a preschool orphanage with the team, went to Globus, and delivered a few items to some friends.

Tomorrow we will pack up and head to Gus until Sunday night or Monday morning.  We're going to stay at the church there (contact through Josh Wolford...wooohooo!).  That means we'll be able to explore more of the city, and won't have to pay for transportation back and forth, nor will we ride a bus for 3 hours a day!!  So, we're not sure if we'll have great internet, but we will try to post as often as possible.  We will come back to Vladimir on Monday at the latest to pack up the flat here and prepare to pick up Sveta and head to Moscow on Tuesday.

I will leave you with some amazingly fun pictures we've taken of random things we've found and seen while here!

Windshield washer fluid that is peach scented

Lays - crab flavored

Barry's coffee...I think the waitress thought he was cute!

Warming up after our walk around Suzdal

This sticker really was on our bananas.

I just love it.

Sveta and Papa

Sveta's shadow behind was SUNNY!

A picture of the Klyazma River as we drive across the bridge from Gus into Vladimir.

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