Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday is coming to a close

As I get ready to go to bed I am thinking of so many back home who are praying and encouraging us daily. I also think about those who are doing sO in the midst of hard news, crazy schedules, and lives of their own. I am blessed. My family is blessed.

Today was great. I enjoyed time outside with some children that the team visits, and also enjoyed a nap. I haven't done much excePt walk around Globus, read, and skype with family and friends. My skype name is Jessica.m.Morton is you want to call whenever I am online. It is so fun to see familiar faces!!

I am getting really excited to see Barry, and a little anxious about his travels. But I am reminded that in everything I must present my requests to God. He has watched over me here and will continue to watch over and sustain our family.

Many of you are curious as to when we will get home, and when you will get to see us. Sadly, we have no idea. We pray we can fly home before the end of January, but it mIght be super bowl weekend! :)

Sorry this isn't very informative, it has been a slow day. And I have liked that!! I will try to post more tomorrow. Love you all and be praying for Barry tomorrow as he travels. He will leave Greensburg mid morning and be in transit for a little more than 24 hours...sO whenever you think of us, you can pray. One of us will bound to be a wake and god always hears!!

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  1. Best of luck with everything. Wish we could do more than pray.