Thursday, September 29, 2011

Truth and a Dare (or more like a favor)

I read a blog today that brought tears to my eyes.  It's written by a woman I've never met: Jen Hatmaker.  Check it out

"Faith has nothing to do with being stoic or "chipper" or falsely propped up. We have entered the suffering of the orphan, the mission of Jesus. It is hard and painful. It hurts and makes us cry. Suffering is like that. Spouting off Christian clichés or pretending to be strong isn’t helpful and it isn’t true. It cripples true community and confuses and isolates a watching world. "

So here's the truth:  This is hard.  Really hard.

We sent our paperwork off (hopefully the last of it) on Tuesday.  It should be sent out to Russia today.  We have no word on a court date.  We have no idea when we'll have word on a court date.

I have this be an encouragement to both Barry & I, but also to be a testimony to Sveta when she is home of the people that love her dearly and prayed for her homecoming.  I also stole this idea from my new friend Jen (who has no idea I even exist).

Will you make a sign that says "We love you Sveta" or "Can't wait to meet you" or "praying for you" or something even more creative?  Take that sign, and take a picture of you, friends, and/or family holding the sign, and send the picture to me?  I can't tell you how much this simple thing will mean to Barry & I, and Sveta down the road.  Would you do that for us?  

Email it to

Thank you for walking this journey with us.  Thank you for asking questions, for praying, and for being interested in our lives!  Thank you for supporting us as the path gets steeper and more and more rocky as we go on.  But, I was reminded today also that we are fighting a battle...against the powers of darkness.  No wonder this is hard.   We know we asked for this.  I know I asked and wanted to fight this battle - no one made me.  I'm so glad I am...but I'm going to try and be honest...that the battle is tough.  

Thank you for fighting with us.
We love you.

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