Sunday, September 11, 2011

To Sveta

Sveta received her first piece of snail mail.  And I couldn't think of a better first piece of mail to get.  It's an invitation to a ceremony making Jill (Sveta's Aunt) a part of the Hall of Fame at the University of Louisville. 

Perhaps we could take this with us and tell the judge in Russia we need to hurry things along ... she has parties to get to!

We are currently waiting to hear from Russia.  The homestudy has been sent off.  It'll be translated and submitted to court.  Then we'll get a court date.  We're hoping for a court date in mid-October - which would mean we'd likely miss Jill's induction. 

Last Friday we sat and made lists.  One for what needs to be done before we leave. This is the longest list.  Bolting the bathroom vanity down, installing safety latches on doors (though this is mostly done), filling out more paperwork, preparing for court, chatting with our family doctor, getting meds for the trip, and, of course, purchasing plane tickets and getting visas for the trip ... just to name a few items on the list.

One list of what we need to accomplish in Russia (and it's not as simple as "grab the girl".)  We'll get all kinds of pictures for her to look back at, we'll journal ever detail we can of this trip, we'll interview more caregivers and the director, we'll buy some clothes for her, and we'll get some Russian books and toys to keep her busy on the long ride home.

I (Barry) have a list of things I will do upon my return ... when Jessi is still there working and waiting.  I hope this list gets longer and longer so I don't have the chance to sit and pull my hair out. 

And finally a list of what we will do when we are all home together.  Which includes things like sending some announcements out and visiting doctors for some tests that we can actually understand.

It feels like we are very close - though she hasn't moved any closer!  Thanks for the mail Jill!  And CONGRATS!

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