Thursday, September 15, 2011

A glimpse...of 3-year-old-isms

Today began with reading Philippians and remembering that I must do everything without grumbling or arguing...even wait.

So, I decided to start on more tasks that need to be accomplished before Barry & I fly to Russia soon.  I started with gathering medicines and toiletries for all three of us.  I also worked on a few more things and then had lunch with one of my greatest friends.  I was encouraged by her, and challenged by her honesty.

Our lunch ended too early, but I had the privilege of taking her 3-year-old for a little drive to another great friends house.  She talked my ear off.  We talked about liking green beans, suckers, and mac and cheese.  We talked about barbies, and cows, and her being Sveta's friend.  We talked about her brother being in school, and her getting big and going to school too.  We talked about how daddy is bigger than mommy, and Barry is big too.  But Jessi is little, but not as little as she is.  We talked about gray kitties, and how I don't have any, but I do have a dog named Griffin.  We talked about the baby cows, and the new dog at her house too.  I was kind of sad when I said, "we're almost there."  And she replied, "there it is" when we pulled into the driveway.

It was 20 of my favorite minutes that I've lived in a long while.  It gave me a glimpse of life...and although I know it won't be all roses, it let me see joy in this time.  What a joy to spend time with a little girl who I hope and pray is one of Sveta's greatest friends too.

Friend, thank you for letting me borrow your little girl, since mine is so far away.  It was truly a joy and a blessing.

And thank you Barry, for being okay with a dinner of leftovers, and setting up FaceTime so that when we're on opposite sides of the world, we can still see each other and talk.  :)  Yay technology!!

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  1. You can borrow her anytime you want, The wife or the child.

    The Dad