Thursday, September 22, 2011

Not a "yes", not a "no"

Sometimes a definitive answer is best.

Sometimes a definitive answer is not what you get.  Instead you get this:

The judge has your documents and will tell us if he/she is going to give a court date next week.  We're pretty sure that you can't get a court date without the documents that you are missing...but your home study agency won't write the documents the way the Russian court wants them to be.  Could you talk to your home study agency about that?


Before everyone gets angry at the Home Study agency...let me explain in more detail.  Our home study agency works not only on home studies, but is also a placing agency for many countries including Russia.  We aren't using them as our placing agency because they don't work in the region where Sveta lives.  The complicated part is, if they sign our documents and don't feel legally good about it - it could jeopardize their ability to work in Russia at all. (Which would mean MANY families couldn't adopt).

So, here's how I'm praying:
1. That God would work out the legal details and the paperwork would be acceptable to all parties.
2. That the judge would be filled with compassion and grant us a court date even without the necessary paperwork.
3. That the judge would make that decision QUICK!
4. There aren't any more glitches before traveling.

I want to again thank each of you for praying, financially supporting, and caring for our family.  It is an incredible blessing knowing that I can post what's going on and you will rally around us!!

We are blessed!

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