Monday, September 19, 2011

Plea for Prayer

There are two main things I want to ask of each of you today.  Be prepared, they're both labor intensive, and you'll really need to seek the Lord on them.

1. Pray for us. 

We got word late Friday night that our Dossier is in need of more paperwork.  After anger, and sadness, I've moved on to practical steps of what I can do about this.  We have an email and a call into our Home Study agency and we will hopefully get all 4 pieces of paper signed, notarized, apostilled, and sent soon.

But, here's what we need prayer for:  Pray for the judge in Vladimir that our in-country personnel is planning to visit this week sometime.  Pray that he/she will allow for a court date to be made without these papers.  Sometimes they are able to get a court date with a promise of the papers to come, and sometimes they are not.  It depends solely on the mood of the judge that pray that every judge in Vladimir wakes up joyfully this week so that when our friend goes to visit him/her we get a court date.

You can pray before you go to bed each night around 10:00 pm...that will be 6:00am in Russia, just about the time that the judges are waking up.

2. Consider adoption as an option for your or later. 

I spoke briefly with our placing agency this morning on the phone about our paperwork situation, and she also mentioned that their organization has just been made aware of two little girls that are in need of adoption.  They are medically healthy except they need either cleft-lip or cleft-palate surgeries...things they will NEVER receive as an orphan in Russia.  Most likely these two girls are in the orphanage systems simply because of their physical appearance.  They are both adoptable seperately...they're not related to my knowledge.

Pray about these girls, or others whom you've heard of.  If you are at all interested in adopting either or the girls, or if you know someone who might be, contact me.  I'd LOVE to give your our agencies information.

Thanks for praying and praying and praying.
As soon as we hear anything, I'll post.


  1. The Sefton's are praying for the Mortons tonight. We love you all.

  2. Praying very hard for the judges! In fact, as I read this I looked up at my clock and see that it is 9:59pm. : ) How's that for God showing me your post at the right time? I really am praying fervently that everything you need is done quickly and willingly by all parties involved.
    -Sarah Wells