Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Famous Quotes are False

Ok, so maybe not all famous quotes are false, but I know one that is:

"No news is good news." 

Not really.  No news is painful.  No news could be good news, or bad news, or it really could just be no news at all.

I think right now we're just at the no news part.  We've not heard a thing.  I don't know if the judge hasn't answered yet, or if he has and we just haven't heard yet.  We have no news.

I am going to start a petition that this little saying be changed to "no news is better than bad news."  I think it's more accurate.

On another note, only semi-adoption related:  My unbelievable husband has been rebuilding a wall in our sunroom so we can replace our windows and actually use this room on the back of our house.  It looks AMAZING...and he's done it in very little time.  He's still got a ways to go...but we are getting there.  I think Sveta will enjoy playing in there while mom and dad just stare out the HUGE windows!

Also, I must say a HUGE thank you to the Bible Bowl Teams at our church and their parents and "coaches" (we'll call them).  My friend Rachel and I went to their first competition on Sunday and they blessed me beyond belief not only by their knowledge of scripture, but also because they had made signs for Sveta and held them up to take a picture with me watching.  Amazing.  Love you guys!!

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