Thursday, October 27, 2011

This is what our in country personnel sent to the lady we work with here in the States yesterday about where we are with a court date.

"I submitted thier dossier to the court on last week when I was in Vladimir. Now I'm waiting to her from the court whether those documents are enough or not. Only if the judge will be satisfied with what he has, we'll be able to talk about the court date. But as you know he's will usually ask for some additional documents no matter what we send him."

So.  We know nothing more than we did 2 weeks ago.  Please continue to pray that the judge will grant a court date without additional documents.  If we have to send more docs, we would be set back at least 3 more weeks.  At this point, 3 weeks feels like a year.  Please also pray that we would hear back from the judge this week. 

Thank you.

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