Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November

It's adoption awareness month, which excites me a little.  I'm hoping that many people will hear about adoption and begin to understand that it is God's heart.

I know you are all dying to hear about a court date for us...and honestly...we are too!! Right now, all we know is that the court is "still examining our documents."  They have a few things they don't like: the length of time we've been married, there weren't enough pictures, etc.  We know that we are not in control of getting a court date (even though I'd like to be at times), but we do know who is in control!  I'm asking that you begin to pray with Barry and I for the judge who has our file.  Pray that his heart would be softened by God and that he would see that we are the family for Sveta.  Pray that the things he had issue with would fade away and he'd need nothing more for our file.  Pray that God would draw this judge to himself and that the judge would come to know our Lord.

Barry and I have been greatly encouraged by notes, prayers, flowers, gifts, hugs, and fun events that we get to be part of.  We're still in this limbo time where we aren't committing to anything right now.  If we are here for thanksgiving we might just drive around and visit all of you and grab turkey on our way!  :)  Please continue to pray for us...but especially be praying for our Sveta.  Barry and I have one another, but Sveta is without another member of her family.  She's with incredible caregivers, and we pray for them daily...but they aren't family.  Pray that Sveta would be growing and learning and developing as she was designed to.  And pray that we get to see her soon.

Thank you.

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  1. Happy adoption awareness month (although breast awareness sounds like more fun to me :-)

    I cannot imagine how difficult this must be for the two of you. Just remember mom and I are dying for Sveta to get home too. We pray for all of you every day. We pray for the judge too. Although in my human-ness I want to fly over there and grab him by his pompous little robe and shake the living daylights out of him. Then I remember Who is really in control. It's not easy to wait, but God's timing is certainly perfect and ours is not. We love you very much!