Wednesday, November 16, 2011

6. It's not a number I like.

First I must apologize to family that may read this and didn't get a phone call with an update.  I am sorry, but today was CRAZY and I honestly didn't want to call just to tell you that I didn't have a court date, still.

We do have a list of documents...6 to be exact...that need to be sent to the judge ASAP.  I'll be working on these tomorrow and will hopefully scan and send all of them to our in country rep by Friday morning.  Sadly, Friday morning is Friday evening in there's NO chance the judge will get them until next week.  Thankfully, Russian's don't celebrate Thanksgiving so next week is a normal work week for them.

Please continue to pray that the judge's heart will be softened and that these documents will be able to be hand delivered rather than sent prior to our court date.


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