Saturday, November 26, 2011


Today, I write in joy...not because we've moved forward and know when we will travel to court and to see Sveta...but joy because of all that I've been given.

This week has been full.  I'm not sure I can remember all of the details, but on Tuesday evening I know I emailed asking if we should go ahead and apostille the 6 new documents that the judge wanted.  Wednesday morning we got the go ahead.  Basically this just means that V was able to read over them, and they seem to be correct.  We still have NO word on whether or not the judge wants them prior to court, or if we can just carry a copy to him.

Barry and I talked about all of this, and decided it would be smart to have 2 copies of everything apostilled.  Then we could send one out and we'd have one to carry just in case he said that would be fine.  So, I ran to the church and began printing and copying.  Then I went to get things notarized, but Teresa had taken the day off (and I can't blame it was the day before Thanksgiving).  No luck before 10am.  We had staff meeting at the church, then our Children's Ministry Staff meeting...then I was  off.  Thankfully we were able to find another notary that we know who was willing to stay at the bank long enough for me to get over there and have things notarized.  YAY.  16 documents signed and stamped.

I drove to Indianapolis and on my way got a little distracted and missed my I drove around downtown for a bit.  But I saw a HUGE hawk on a stop sign, so that was cool.  I arrived at the Secretary of State office to be told by the woman I gave my docs to that it would take her a while since she doesn't normally apostille things.  So, I ran to the restroom, and upon my return was told that the notary did not print her name under her signature.  I looked at the woman and said, "so can I just print her name?"  She said, "I can't watch you do such a thing."

So, I promptly walked out of the office, sat on the floor in the hallway and printed the name of our notary on about 14 documents.  I went back in and a different lady helped me (I recognized her).  She told me to take a seat.  After a bit, I had to run outside and feed the parking meter and then come back through security.  Finally she said she was done...but she couldn't apostille some of the documents because either the notary didn't write her state or county of residence, or because the notary stamp with the name was illegible.  So, I left with about 10 of 16 documents apostilled.

I got home in time to brine the turkey and prep other dishes for our Thanksgiving meal that we hosted this year.  Never done that before, but it turned out GREAT!!  Enjoyed time with some of the people we love, but wished we could have spent it with a handful more.  Then yesterday we woke up and did NOTHING.  Now, for those of you that know us well...this NEVER happens.  It was incredible.  We played Skip Bo for a while, drank hot chocolate, and didn't clean up a thing.  Then last night Barry took me on date night.  We went back to the restaurant where we ate on our first date (it's been exactly 3 years, to the date), we grabbed cheesecake, and starbucks too...and walked around the mall a bit.  Best date ever.  Loved it.  Love him.

Anyway, today we've got to actually get the dishes from Thanksgiving into the dishwasher.  I've got to make a meal plan for December, Barry's going to work on the house, and we hope to get out and take Griffen for a walk.

On Monday, I'll be heading back to Indy to get the last of the documents apostilled.  And, this week, V is traveling back to Vladimir to visit the judge and law clerk.  She hasn't been able to get any answers on the phone, so she'll be visiting in person so that hopefully we can have a court date, and a single mom will get one too.

Please be praying for Vita's travel, and her daughter who is recuperating from surgery.  Pray also that we are able to receive a court date, and that the single lady who is trying to adopt will get one close to ours so we can travel together.

Thanks all!!

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