Saturday, March 26, 2011

So far, no morning sickness - but the paper cuts are TERRIBLE!

As I was researching all sorts of things online the other day I came across a t-shirt that said this...I immediately began laughing, which was much needed at that point. 

It's hard at times to explain:
  • to people that we are expecting because I'm not showing around my waist.  
  • that instead of labor pains, I have the pains of leaving my child in an institution for additional time while I wait on paper work to come through.  
  • that my child won't be able to be held and cuddled by them right away when she comes home.
  • that even though my hormones might not be affected, my emotions are - and that sudden outbursts of tears are to be expected.
  • that staying organized and trying to finish up paperwork is how I'm "nesting."
Recently I've been extremely stressed with the details of the adoption process, and with the emotional stress that not being with your daughter causes.  I have realized though, that God is teaching me incredible things about Him being in control even when I feel completely helpless.  He's stretching me, and helping me to trust in Him more than I ever have.  I also am rejoicing in Him more often, because I'm on the lookout for all that He's doing...and it's a LOT!!

I want to rejoice now that in just two short weeks, we will be with our daughter.  I'm pretty sure that these are going to be 2 of the longest weeks of our lives, but then we'll look back and think otherwise.  We've been given buddy passes that will allow us to fly standby to Russia for less money than one of us could fly on a regular ticket.  We've been offered a place to stay by my dearest friend while in Russia.  We've been provided for by countless generous people who know us well, and who barely know us.  God is moving.  He's showing us that He is in control - He is providing - He is sustaining - He is comforting.

Please continue to rejoice with us in this process...and stay tuned for an update from Russia complete (hopefully) with pictures of our family!!  Here are some specific requests::
  • Pray for our first meeting together as a family (That all three of us would be prepared, open, and well received)
  • Pray that God would continue to provide all we need: Sveta's current care, finances to finalize the adoption, stamina, patience, understanding
  • Pray that Barry & I's relationship would continue to be strengthened through this process, and that our faith would continue to be pruned and grown
  • Most importantly, please pray that Sveta would be open to the love of Jesus Christ, and her new parents
Thank you for praying.  We are ready to travel, and ready to see our Svetlana again.  We are also ready for the fact that she may be terrified of us, or that she may just cry upon seeing us.  Pray that not only our minds are ready, but our hearts too.

Nursing my papercuts,


  1. Thanks for the update! You guys have absolutely close to my mind and heart these days. I wish I could be there to help and to share papercuts, but know that prayers and well wishes are being lifted up from FL. Love you!

  2. Jessi I hadn't been staying abreast of all the goings on...I am so so so excited that you get to go see your daughter!! Is this sooner than would have been expected? I am trilled to hear of all that God has been orchestrating thus far. Incredible!! But I that's God for ya. Also I have to say that all those things that your feeling make so much sense. Absolutely you would be feeling that way! Much love to you all!!

  3. So...are you expecting a child or are you adopting a child?