Friday, March 18, 2011

Marking Checks on the Checklists

Sometimes I feel like all I'm good at doing is checking things off lists:  send dossier - check, email agency - check, read book - check, apply for this - check, apply for that - check.  It's been the story of my life the last few weeks.  I do feel like this week (being Spring break) was enjoyable despite all of the checks I tried to mark of my various lists.  Here's what I've accomplished - it'll serve as an update on the process::

1. Painted stripes on one wall of Sveta's room.  So cute!
2. Received letter stating that our I-600A is in process and we'll be receiving information on when to get fingerprinted.
3. Organized all adoption documents into a nice little file box.
4. Registered for "toddler" stuff at Target!  We picked out all sorts of fun things that came highly recommended by my good friend Cari. 
5. Called international adoption doctors and am waiting on insurance information from them.

So, now left on my checklist:
1. Paint one window sill in Sveta's room. (Thanks to Rachel who painted the other one!)
2. Print pictures to give to our daughter when we visit her next month.
3. Create list of questions to ask when we visit with orphanage staff.
4. Apply for grants.
5. LOTS of other things!!  :)

My favorite thing we've done over Spring Break was purchase a little blanket stuffed animal buddy for Sveta that we will begin sleeping with so that it smells like Barry & I. Then, when we go to Russia the first time, we'll give it to her so she can start getting used to us.  Great idea from Mari Jo.  Thanks!!

Love you all,

P.S. - The picture has 54 pieces showing (so that you don't have to count)!

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