Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Called Out. Chosen. Sought After.

Some stranger will walk in to her colorful playroom and show her incredible love.  She’ll think it strange that he doesn’t speak the same language as she does.  She’ll not understand much of what he says.  But she’ll understand that she is loved. 

While he’s there he will ask many questions … inquiring about her.  What does she like to eat?  What time does she go to bed?  When she’s startled at night, how is she best comforted?  In those moments is she even comforted at all?  What time does she wake?  What does her room look like?  Are there many others in her room when she sleeps?  Is it quiet or noisy when she sleeps?  What are some of her favorite toys? 

Then he’ll leave.  And she won’t see him for about two months.  Which, to a 3 year old, feels like many, many years.  While he’s gone she might forget that he was there.  But he will not forget about her.  In fact, he’s preparing a room for her in his house. 

Finally he will return.  And he will call her daughter.  She’ll be taken to a place called home.  It’ll take some time to get used to, but she’ll later describe it as the place she was always supposed to be.


Called out.

Sought after.

Svetlana,  my daughter,  I cannot wait until you are here with me. 

Your father.


  1. Wow, B. Thanks.

    And we must receive his kingdom as children, not by purchase, and must call it our Father's gift.

    Love, Mom (Babushka)

  2. That's Beautiful, Barry. I'm sure it will be just as you described. We cannot wait until you bring our granddaughter home.