Sunday, March 6, 2011

Exciting updates...

1. What a blessed weekend we have had!  We are so incredibly blessed by people we've called friend for a while, and new friends too.  We had dinner on Friday evening with incredible friends who really want to help us raise the rest of the money we need for our little one to come home - then we met with some equally incredible new friends on Saturday who'd like to do the stay tuned for the event of the year!  We're not sure what all will go on, but we know it'll be great!!

2. Our Dossier documents have been received by our placing agency and should be sent to Russia early next week to be translated (40 hours of work), notarized again, and finally submitted in person at a scheduled appointment to the Adoption Center in Vladimir.  We'll see how long that takes, but after that's done - we'll travel soon after.  EXCITING!!

3. We received word this past week that Sveta is doing well.  We also have a few new updated pictures (we can't post - sorry), and information about her development.  Apparently she hasn't completely decided - but she's favoring using her right hand, she feeds herself nicely with a spoon, and can dress herself.

4. Barry is working on a post that will be much better to read than all of mine have been.

I think that's all the updates!!
Love you all,


  1. Correction to number 4 :: Barry is working on a post.

  2. I love your posts, Jessi!