Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Apostille = Not in Webster's Dictionary

So thanks to a wonderful woman that Barry has none for a while we've had all of our Dossier documents notarized...so now we're ready for them to get an apostille.  Well, I've tried to figure out what an apostille actually is, and I had to look on "businessdictionary.com" because Webster's (yes, the "holy grail" of all dictionaries) doesn't even define it. 

For those that are curious - here's what I finally found, "an apostille (French for, notation) is a preprinted small (minimum 9 x 9 centimeters) form having ten numbered items of information with blank spaces to be filled in by the designated authority in the issuing country."  This is basically something that was created to aid in the acceptance of documents between countries.  Thankfully, the people at the State Department have been extrodinarily helpful!  Tomorrow, my incredible Father-in-Law, Ray, will be taking our documents to the Authentication Department to be apostilled (if it can be a verb).   We will get them back on Thursday, add the pictures that Russia requires, and send them to Global so they can add their necessary documents.  Once that happens, my understanding is that we'll have it all translated into Russian and it will be submitted to the proper authorities in Russia.  Hopefully the translation, etc, won't take too long - but we have NO idea. 

We're also in the planning stages for an additional fundraiser - so stay tuned for info on that!  Thanks to many many incredible people - we now have 44 puzzle pieces!

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  1. Oh My! What a vocabulary you are developing! I hope your apostille gets apostilled by the apostiller quickly :-)

    Love you!