Monday, April 4, 2011

Glory & Gifts Galore

Glory: All the glory goes to God for this adoption.  The process has been as smooth as one could hope, and the blessings have been overwhelming.  We know that it is ONLY through the grace and gifts of God that we are able to adopt our daughter.  It's also all for His glory.  Thanks to His good gifts given through many of you - we are able to visit our daughter next week.  

We leave Greensburg on Sunday early morning and will arrive in Moscow, Russia on Monday.  We'll spend a little while in Moscow getting our medical exams, and then will travel to Vladimir. The next few days will be a whirlwind of travel, paperwork, visiting with Sveta, and interviewing her caregivers.  I'm also hoping to spend a little time galavanting around the areawith my dear Jess!  I love it there, and can't wait to return. 

Please pray for Barry and I this week as we are full of anticipation.  We are excited and worried all at the same time.  We have quite a bit to do this week to prepare as well.  Thank you for praying.

On another note - Gifts:

For those that don't know, the Russian culture is different from ours when it comes to gifts in two ways that I know of:
1. Russians do not open gifts in front of others...even if you gave them the gift (unless they know many Americans or are familiar with the fact that we don't follow this at all).
2. Russians give gifts as a way to say "thank you" frequently.  It is polite to take gifts to a persons home when you are invited for example.  

So, knowing this, I've prepared gifts to take with us to many in fact that we are going to check a bag now.  I wasn't really thinking, but the gifts are WONDERFUL - thanks to my friend Katie who's a 31 consultant.  The women are going to love their gifts...I sure do!

Waiting to hug our Sveta,

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