Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Russia by the Numbers

2::  Airplanes taken to arrive in Russia.

4:: Hours we waited to finish our medical exams.

8:: Doctors that saw us during our trip to the American Medical Clinic.

1:: Hour to the orphanage where Sveta lives from where we are staying. 

32:: Questions we asked the orphanage director.

500:: Questions we wanted to ask the orphanage director.

1:: The amount of seconds it took for us to completely lose track of the questions because our beautiful daughter walked into the room.

We got to see Sveta today.  She's amazing.  She's tidy, and kind, and giggles a lot.  She didn't cry when she saw us, she actually warmed up rather quickly.  We colored, played with her new baby doll, and took lots and  lots of pictures and video.  We will not be posting the pictures or video on our blog for now.  We will have them ready for the event on the 22nd. 

What an incredible day for us.  We'll leave you with these numbers::

15:: the number of words Sveta repeated to us in English after we said them. (approximately)

6:: the number of words we could understand Sveta say

1:: the number of days we've been called "papa & mama" by our little girl

Мы любим тебя,
Папа & Мама


  1. AWE! This is so awesome! You three are in constantly in my prayers this week.

  2. How awesome! I love that you are sharing this whole process and its challenges with the world. You all are in my prayers.

  3. 4- Number of grandparents going crazy waiting for Sveta to come home.