Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trip #1 Commences

As I type this we are sitting at Gate B14 in the Cincinnati airport.  We are waiting to fly to Laguardia (I'm SURE I spelled that incorrectly) in NY where we will hope in a taxi and travel to JFK International Airport.  From their we will board the flight for Russia.

Honestly,  I feel like I'm just traveling to Russia to visit the orphans like I've always done.  It's normal. But yet, it's SO different.  It hasn't hit me yet, and I'm not sure when it will. 

Thank you for praying.  Please continue to pray for us:
  • for travel today, tomorrow, and all week
  • for all of the "hoops" or details to be completed with ease
  • for our first meeting as a family
Learning patience,

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