Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4 Months Later

It was four months ago today that we met her.  And today was the day we filed official paperwork with the Ministry of Education in Russia saying that we want to adopt Sveta.

When we arrived at the orphanage today we were told that we could join her outside while she was playing.  The temperature was around 34 degrees and it was snowing.  She, and about four peers, were playing in a concrete shelter behind the orphanage.  Most of the well bundled children were on little plastic ride-on toys in the shape of cars and trucks.  When she turned and saw us she immediately jumped from her toy and ran to us with a smile big enough to reach across the ocean.

On the little plastic toy, Sveta would push herself right into the wall ... then look back to see if we were watching and if we would come and spin her around to go in the other direction.  Soon about 6 more children showed up and we were encouraged to go to our own structure to have time alone with Sveta.  We entered one which didn't have any toys.  Jessi's bag remedied this as it had a coloring book, two reading books, a yellow nerf ball, a bag of playdoh, and (Sveta's favorite) a little pink toy camera.  We'd picked the camera up at a local store after seeing her give so much attention to the camera we were using to record our time with her.

We played with every toy in the bag.  She wasn't familiar with playdoh but enjoyed rolling pieces into little balls and placing them meticulously in a line on the floor.  She tried to play soccer with one ... until she stepped on it.  She took pictures of us with her camera and even enjoyed reading about two pages from a book with 'papa'.

After only about an hour she was taken for lunch.  She would then have nap time.  And we had a long drive back to Vladimir.

Jessi is now sleeping beside me.  It's about 5:30pm here.  My heart still seems to be racing with excitement.  Every minute here has been filled with emotion of some kind.  We are overwhelmed with this sweet child,with work to be done, and finally with so many friends who have prayed, given, and loved so much.

We love you. 


  1. Thank you both for sharing this precious time with us on your blog. Things will begin to move faster every day, and before you know it, she will be home for an Indiana summer!

  2. We are praying for you both! Thank you for keeping us all updated.

    Love you both.

  3. Thank you for the updates! My heart is overflowing with joy. :) Praying. Love you! Thanks for living out God's heart for the orphan!

  4. I'm so joyful for you three! But I feel a little frustrated that we have to wait to see her... even in pictures. :o) Thanks for sharing updates! Praying for you!