Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quick update::

I'm still being rocked by Jet Hatmaker's book.  And of course, the One who gave her those words and thoughts to write.

We have two sickies in the house:  Sveta and I both have strep...well, Sveta does for sure...and I'm pretty sure that's what I'm battling.

Sveta highlights:

At church on Sunday during Worship, she was singing along...some words were unable to be figured out...but she was repeating "Jesus" and "power" (we sang "There is Power in the Blood"). Adorable.

She also said her own little prayer the other day...repeating what I said at lunch or dinner or some meal.

She's getting even better at her ABCs and says TONS of English words.  Yesterday at dinner she started singing "clean up" which I've only used I think once with her.

This week is REALLY busy for us...tonight I was supposed to go to a Pregnancy Care Center Banquet, but am not going to make it because of the sickness.  Sad. Tomorrow is church, and this weekend is the Jr. High 30 Hour Famine.

I'll write more when I have some energy.
Love you all.

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