Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The American Dream...and Pampered Chef stuff

Life around here is better simply because of all the sunshine.  I know it puts me in a GREAT mood...or at least a better one than I'd be in without it.  It's been neat to watch Sveta wear shorts for the first time, and refuse to wear shoes/sandals without socks.  Seriously have to work on that.  :) 

We've been busy going to the different parks to "swing slide" around town, and I've been on a clean it out and purge all the stuff we don't need!  Barry and I are planning on having a yard sale the weekend after Easter to get rid of some of our excess.  As I was praying and journaling Friday morning, I kept trying to figure out what to do and how to make a difference.  All of my ideas were long term and nothing I could really start on at the moment.  Then it hit me - God was asking me to move now, and He'd provided a way to do so.  Use the stuff we have to make a difference in someone else's life.  We had planned on doing a yard sale and giving the proceeds away at some point...but I started Friday morning with the purging. 

204 items of clothing (not including under clothing) in my possession as of Friday morning.
108 items of clothing currently in the give/sell pile. 
96 items left.  That's still a LOT.  And, I wish I would have taken pictures...but I didn't.

Then it was on to the books, Sveta's clothes, and my kitchen stuff.  I'm still not done with the kitchen, but I'm paring down for sure.  I don't really NEED all of this.  At ALL.

My desire for Sveta is not the "American Dream." It's actually far from it.  It isn't specific, but it includes serving Jesus wholeheartedly and without reserve...RADICALLY.  But, guess what, if I'm not serving Him radically...she won't learn to.  So, I'm away half of my clothes and shoes and SCARVES (the hardest to part with) is a start.  So that hopefully Sveta will learn that it is important to give as much (if not more) away as we keep. 

And is she learning.  Today, Barry is traveling to town close by to help with tornado clean up.  He explained to Sveta before he left that he was going to help people that wanted and needed it.  She kept saying, "Sveta help people."  So, after nap...we are going to go down and let her see what it looks like for her Papa to help people.  People he hasn't met until today...but people who God made, and who have need.  He's attempting to meet a tangible need.  And He's doing it because God says to.

I'm praying for my eyes to be opened to needs around me.  And for my faith to be active in meeting those needs. 

Love you all.
P.S. - If you have ideas of an organization, or group, or how we could use the funds from our garage sale...I'd love to hear about NEEDS.  We haven't decided what to do with it yet, and plan on deciding soon.
P.S.S. - Sveta can recognize 14 capital letters.  Pretty sure she's a genius...and yet, no one in her home country gave her the time of day.  Something wrong with this picture? 

I wonder how many geniuses we have in our country that we don't give the time of day?  Maybe the guy on the corner holding a cardboard sign?  Maybe the lady covered in tattoos walking through the groceries store that we shy away from?  Maybe the child who picks on others, and has switched foster homes 15 times because he can't seem to be nice? 

Who have you overlooked today?  They have needs.  Will you meet one?

Oh, yeah...and here's what I'm getting rid of from Pampered Chef.  Let me know if you want to buy it before it goes at the yard sale::

USED:: 50% off or so...
Mandolin $30
29 Minutes to Dinner Volume 2 $7
Manual Food Processor $25
Petite Bamboo Spoons (2) $2.25
Nylon masher $3
Bamboo spoon $2
Medium Square Bamboo Bowl $10
Petite bamboo bowls (3) $10
Bamboo Cracker Tray $8
Crinkle cutter $5
Ridged Baker (stoneware) $15
Small Micro-Cooker $4

NEW:: 25% off or so...
Bar Tongs $4
Pie Crust Shield $5.50
Easy Accent Decorator $17
Easy Read Measuring Cups $17
Small Batter Bowl $8
Muffin Pan (stoneware) $27
Trifle Bowl $29.50


  1. I've been cleaning out closets like crazy too. What size is Sveta? I'm sure I have some clothes she could wear if you want them. Julianne has outgrown EVERYTHING and Louba will never fit in them. I think both our girls were well cared for. Louba is super smart when she chooses to be. ;)

  2. Put the bar tongs aside for me.


  3. Hand in Hand Christian Adoption is a grant organization that helps family adopt. Both domestic and international. They helped us out by giving us a grant! Also there is Reece's Rainbow. It is geared towards orphans with Downs Syndrome. You can chose a child or just make a general donation.

  4. I really wish we lived closer. Love your heart, your thoughts, what Jesus is doing in and through you. It's good stuff, and I'm only getting to see an itty-bitty glimpse. :) Praying for you as you follow God's leading away from the american dream and into His plan and purpose. (PS- 7 is still messing with my head and heart in a totally awesome God kind of way. Getting ready to dive back in for round #2. Excited and scared. :))

  5. We are in the process of adopting a 13 year old Autistic boy from the foster care system. We have only had him 4 weeks and this child who "could not" learn has learned so much! Why?? Because we love him and we believe he can! Love makes all the difference :)