Friday, March 2, 2012

A Path Home Continues...

So, the blog is about to change gears...I'm warning you.  This blog is no longer about Sveta's path home.  It's now about the Mortons path home (our eternal home): heaven.  Before you get all worried that we're going to die soon or something...let's be honest.  We are all on a path: life leads eventually to death.  And, we, as a family, live life for our God and not ourselves.

Insert cute Sveta story:: when we pray before meals, Sveta likes to pray twice.  Barry says "amen," so does Sveta, and then at some point she says, "adeen mozhna" which means "one more" and holds her little hands out to pray.

On this path of life, God has really been messing me up lately.  It started by finding and reading Jen Hatmaker's book 7 and now has continued as I've been reading My Utmost for His Highest as a devotional and Interrupted (also by Jen).  My thoughts aren't fully formed, but God's Spirit is stirring in me to live different.  To live changed.  To live as His completely sold out follower.

Here's my confession.  I've loved Jesus for a long time, but I like my comfort.  I like being an American Christian who isn't under threat of persecution or martyrdom.  I like having it "easy."  But, I can tell that God is calling me to something greater.  Something BIG.  He's asking me if I really love Him.

I feel like Peter who was asked 3 times if he loved Jesus.  Each time he answered "yes" and Jesus told him to "feed His lambs."  I'm trying to learn what it means to "feed His lambs."

I'm pretty sure it means to continue to fight for and share about adoption.  Sveta needs His food.  But, I'm also pretty positive it means feed the lambs that I don't want to feed too...the ones I'm not comfortable with...the ones that desperately need to know who Jesus is, and how much He loves them.

Maybe this doesn't make sense to any of you...maybe it does.  But, all I know is, this path isn't over.  A Path Home continues, but it's focus isn't adoption.  It's Jesus.  It always should have been Jesus.


  1. Love your heart, sweet friend. Keep seeking His face!

  2. This made perfect sense! And was encouraging for me - thank you :) Love the heart of your family. Keep preaching it! Christine

  3. Love it! I've been saving 7 for a good read on my flight to Moscow. Can't wait to read it!