Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ok, so it's been almost a week.  Sorry.

Saturday Sveta turned 4.  She got to play with some new friends.

Sunday we had a little party...complete with chocolate cake and too many presents.

She's begun sleeping on the couch at nap time, without screaming.  Today she let me rock her first.  That was good, because she's been on an "I want to do it myself" kick. 

Tuesday we went to the library.  She only yelled once.  She got excited about an animal poster.

Wednesday we went to church in the evening.  CRAZINESS.  She did well...I did not.  Overwhelmed to say the least.  I will be staying home for a while. Late bath, different routine.  Not fun.

This morning I was able to watch my friend's little girl, Ally for the morning.  The girls played well, but wore me out.  Sveta didn't do well with lunch today at all.  It was later than normal, Barry wasn't able to come home, and she didn't like that I didn't have potato soup for her to eat (sorry, but you can't live on it child).

She's asleep now...and I'm about to be.  This week has been Barry's first full week back at work, and this weekend there is a retreat for the Senior Highers.  Which means: I need to nap now before I don't have the chance again. 

Night night.

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  1. Louba is trying to live on French fries and lasagna. It's very frustrating!