Friday, February 17, 2012

Barry and Sveta are out for their Friday morning Papa and Daughter date...and I'm at home.  It's quiet, and peaceful, and no one is yelling "mama, come." 

I'm happy.  I L.O.V.E. hearing, "mama, come."  But, I also, enjoy a bit of time to myself.  I might even shower without hearing Sveta ask Barry where I am.  Cute.

Sveta is doing extremely well.  I'm going to try and just give a list of random things she says, or does that I think are adorable (sorry if you don't find them quite as endearing as I do).

1. English words: She can count to 10 (most of the time), say her abc's although it's not clear, says to Griffen: come, lay down, good boy, sit; animals: lion, sheep, dog, cat, owl, bird, fish, horse, pig; random words: girl, doll, please, thank you, you're welcome, stand, bath (loves them still), chocolate, candy, o's (cheerios), tree, blue, green, red, light, kite, knuckles, give me five, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, shoes, lemon, book, ball, baby, cup, fork, knife, spoon, water, apple, duck, leaf, bear, tongue, laugh, happy, sad, socks, clock, tv, computer, telephone, hot, basement, pizza, pasta, cheese, frog, ambulance, cow, chick, zebra, sun...she's only been with us for 2 and a half weeks.  Incredible.

2. She now sleeps with the pencil she got from Dr. Hodson's office on Wednesday, and a magnet that says "BIG SKY."  (It's from a ski resort in Montana, where Barry's sister Jill lives). 

3. She LOVES to ride in the car.

4. When Barry is at church she tells me that "Papa sad" because he's at church without us.

5. Thankfully, we borrowed some new movies from Jack and Ally McNealy (and their parents) and we didn't have to watch Strawberry Shortcake again!!  YAY!

6. Sveta asks for candy after every meal...even after she ate a donut for breakfast (Thanks Jon for the donuts). 

7. Whenever she sees kids she gets really really excited.

8. She still LOVES Griffen.  Last night while watching Aladdin she was leaning on him completely and he just laid there.

9. She's still coughing a bit, but the fever is GONE!!

10. Today is her last day as a 3-year-old.  Tomorrow, my baby girl is already 4.  Oh, and if you call her baby girl, she tells you she's not a baby.

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