Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The last few days have been interesting:

Sveta went to her pediatrician for the first time on Monday.  She did GREAT.  And, we LOVE her pediatrician.  We have an appointment with the International Adoption Clinic at Riley in a few weeks...this will help us determine which vaccines to give, etc.

Tuesday afternoon Sveta said her head hurt, and after feeling her head, I knew she had a temp.  Mama was right...tylenol here we come.  Except I bought the chewable kind to take on the plane.  She wouldn't take it.  Nor would she take it when I smashed it up and put it in juice.  She also told April on the phone (who was helping us so that Sveta would understand why she had to take the meds) that she was not sick.  She's a bit stubborn.  So, Papa, being the amazing man that he is, ran to the store for liquid tylenol.  And she slurped it right up. 

She slept through the night, but because she started coughing, and the fever was still sticking around...we took trip 2 to her pediatrician (she's in Greenwood...about an hour away).  She had a strep was negative.  Turns out it is viral, and that's why her throat hurts.  Tylenol seems to be keeping the fever down, but she's a bit more whiny today than usual (rightfully so). 

On a completely different note...Barry and I are incredibly grateful that we are home with Sveta.  We've heard some news about adoptions potentially being suspended in Russia soon.  The bill just has to pass in the Duma.  We are praying that it doesn't pass.  If adoptions are suspended, it will cause more and more families to have issues who are already in the process of adopting, and it will cause others not to even try.  What is so sad, is that so many children who could benefit, won't because of the suspension.

I know there isn't much I can do to help those who are in process and are praying that they can get their child home before adoptions are suspended...but I can:

1. Raise awareness and ask people to pray.  So, here's what we need: PRAYER.  People to get on their knees for these families, for the government officials (Russian and American) who are making these decisions, and for the precious children of Russia to be protected by our Lord and Savior as He is in control of this.
2. Financially help these families so that they can travel back and forth as needed to finish their process as quickly as possible.  Here's how I'm going to do this (since I do not have money growing on trees):

I sell Pampered Chef.  I'm going to do a fundraiser show and donate the proceeds to a specific family that has stolen my heart.  Their story is incredible. ( If you want to be part of this...please visit to write down what you'd like to purchase.  I will be closing the party on Friday, February 24th.  Just send me a message here on the blog, on facebook, or call, email, or text me to let me know what you would like to purchase. 

Oh, and if you purchase something...I'll be doing a drawing for a few free prizes from those that decide to buy/give!!  The prices will include::
1. Classic Batter Bowl
2. Easy Read Measuring Cups
3. A tasty dessert sauce of choice
4. A Surprise or 2

Also, I'll be giving my host benefits to one of you!  :)  Let me know what you need, and you'll be helping bring another former orphan into his family.


  1. Hey Jess...

    Did you ever figure out if Aunt Judy got her PC order or not? In mid December she told us she had ordered something on line, but hadn't received it. Just wondering...


  2. I hadn't heard about the possible suspension in Russia - that makes me sooooooo sad! I will be praying and I LOVE papmered chef - I will definitely order something. :)

  3. I am Melissa Peduzzi's mom and I would like to place a pampered chef order, but not sure you have an email address I can send it to you? Thank you for doing this for them! My email is