Saturday, February 11, 2012


Don't have a ton of time...Strawberry Shortcake will be over soon and it will be bed time for all three of us!  :)  Yes, I realize it is only 8:18, but today started at 5:45am with Sveta saying "Mama."  After I said, "da" she said in plain English, "cheese."  Apparently she woke up hungry. 

So we fed her cheese, and then she wanted potatoes, which was really a soup with broccoli and carrots.  She ate that around 7am. 

She's doing really well overall.  Really well.  She has a doctor's appointment on Monday, so that'll be a long day.  And Mama and Papa are just tired, and busy chasing and taking pictures of her.  She loves when Papa plays the guitar, and she enjoyed him a lot today! 

She also LOVES bath time and still asks for one multiple times a day.  We are trying hard to stick to somewhat of a schedule.  I think she's getting used to things.  We love her...a TON.

Hope to post pics soon, but I can't figure out Barry's incredibly organized filing system.  I don't know how to use it yet!  :)

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