Thursday, April 19, 2012

Top 10 Reasons I'm not an accountant

1. I HATE reconciling spending, or whatever you call it.
2. I don't like numbers, nor do they like me.
3. Money stresses me out.  Always.  Even if I have some...or none.  STRESSFUL.
4. I loose receipts and don't really like them at all.
5. My eyes hurt from looking at the computer for so long.
6. If you just miss one little number on your calculator, it screws it all up and you have to start over.
7. If I add 20 numbers up 3 different times, I will without a doubt get 3 different answers (even if I use a calculator, write them down, and check them off as I go.
8. It's even harder when you spent some money as dollars and some as rubles and you are trying to figure out the conversion rate and when you spent dollars and etc.
9. Rubles are even bigger numbers, which makes my margin of error even bigger!
10. It's not easy when your computer  doesn't actually let you use says you only have a trial version, and therefore you can only look at your wonderful husband's expense spreadsheet from when you were in however cannot change or add to it.

Anyone want to be me for the rest of the day?  Or buy me a new computer? 

:)  I'm actually going to stop now, I've done all I can without the help of excel, and Barry's brain.  His system really was a great one, except once we got just became a pile of receipts and a blur - so I'm not sure how to figure all of that out.

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  1. When your wallet is empty, quit spending money. It works for me. Just kidding :-) Money can be a tough one.