Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lions, Wolves, and Snakes

So, I was ready to blog yesterday, but something happened to a tower or something nearby...NO one had cell service, which also means when you use a Verizon card for your internet, that it's down too.  So, that's my excuse for not blogging yesterday.

Miscellaneous thoughts::
1. Sveta has developed a new "feeling."  It's fear.  She is afraid of shadows mostly, but today she decided she was absolutely terrified of a lion.  We had just gotten home and I was carrying her in the house when I noticed she was being really clinging.  I asked if she was ok, and she said "lion scared me."  Except "scared" sounds like "sceered."  It's adorable.  I asked her where the lion was, and she just kept repeating "lion scared me."  So, after attempting to distract her to no avail, I asked again where she saw a lion.  "Outside" was the reply.  She told me to go catch it.  I told her I'd call Papa. So, I pretended to call Barry on the phone and asked him to catch the lion and take it to the zoo.  After a few minutes, I pretended to call back to make sure the task was accomplished.  I assured Sveta that Papa had taken the lion to the zoo, and she immediately stopped crying.  Barry came home for lunch and he talked with Sveta about his experience (he'd be warned via text).  Then after lunch, Sveta told me we needed to call Papa at work and have him catch the snake and the wolf that were outside too.  They needed to go to the zoo also, because she was "sceered."  So, I pretended again, and she was happy.
2. I'm heartbroken.  Go here to see why: Then pray.
3. Check out the video of Sveta on Facebook that Berea Jurgensen put up.  It's Sveta talking on the phone to Noah (who was in the front seat), but Sveta thought she was talking to her Poppy. Awesome.
4. Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  I love the meaning most of all...a time to remember the biggest gift I've ever received.  I love that there's family gatherings, and coloring Easter Eggs (not sure why I love this so much, but I do), and finding Easter goodies.  Barry and I have decided that even though the Easter Bunny won't come to our house necessarily...Sveta should still have fun traditions to enjoy for Easter.  So, we're going to help her make "nests" around the house and when she wakes there will be Easter goodies in them.  This is something that Barry grew up doing.  We always had to find our Easter basket...and mine was almost always in the oven.  Apparently my Easter Bunny couldn't remember where he'd hidden it last year...and seemed to think the oven was a great idea year after year.  :)  We may do this on Friday night instead of Saturday...because Sunday morning Barry wouldn't be here when Sveta woke up.
5. I have a friend who is blogging about her "favorite things" and I LOVE the idea.  I think I'll be doing that soon.  Stay tuned.  As a sneak peek:  I love my coffee maker.  I can preset it so that it makes my coffee and it's ready without me having to do a thing.  It's my life saver...because even though my 4-year-old sleeps through the night, and takes naps...I'm ridiculously tired most of the time.  Thankfully, coffee, and a healthy amount of creamer keep me going in the mornings.
6. I am so so grateful to be living life with Barry. I trust him completely, tell him everything, and enjoy spending time with him so so much.  Today when I texted about the lion, his response was something about it having sharp teeth.  Made me smile.  He makes me laugh when I need a good laugh, knows when I need to just talk, shares what's going on with him so I get to hear his heart, let's me cry (and doesn't think I'm crazy), only makes fun of me a little for going to bed early, doesn't ever look at the dinner menu...but is thankful I make one so he gets dinner, only cares about the BIG things, and doesn't worry over details.  He's fabulous is what I'm saying.  He's so good for me, and he's so good for Sveta.  She lights up when she sees him coming.  We can hear when he gets home and she gets this excited look on her face.  She giggles with him, hugs and kisses him, wants him to give her a bath instead of me, and truly LOVES him.  It's amazing to watch.  And, he's smitten.  He loves her more than life...and there's nothing better than knowing my husband loves his girls. (Except knowing that he loves his God even more...and his God loves his girls even more than he does).

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  1. The oven is such a clever place to hide an Easter basket!

    Love www,
    Mrs. E. Bunny