Saturday, December 31, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We have really enjoyed being home over the last few days, and are finally beginning to adjust to the current time zone.  We've had great times with family and friends while here, and are so glad that we decided to spend our wait at home where we're most comfortable.  Many of you have been asking when we will actually see Sveta again, and when we will gain custody of her.  Let me attempt to explain what will happen once we return to Russia::

I (Jessi) will leave Greensburg on the 9th and will arrive in Moscow on the 10th.  If all goes well, I will travel straight to Vladimir and pick up the documents from the court that we need (not exactly sure what documents these are).  Then I will go with V to apply for Sveta's passport.  It takes about 2 weeks to come back to us.  There is a chance that when we apply for the passport we will also make a short visit to see Sveta.

If all doesn't go well, I'll travel to Vladimir, then I will wait until the docs are ready and then apply for the passport.

Then, I'll spend time with the team that is there and I'll read a LOT of books on my Kindle.

Barry will leave Gburg on the 19th and arrive in Moscow on the 20th.  I'll take a taxi to meet him and I'll be SO glad he's there after so long.  The next few days will be spent (hopefully) traveling to visit Sveta daily and then sight-seeing in a few places around the area.

Once we receive Sveta's passport, we will then gain custody of her.  We will travel to Moscow and apply for her Visa to return to the states.  She'll also have a medical exam there.  We've decided to have her stay in the orphanage rather than have her stay with us during that time because she's comfortable there.  We're trying to avoid having her make a transition multiple times, and we've decided that this is the best option for her.

We are hoping to fly home near the end of January, but it will all depend on paperwork and how quickly things are accomplished.

I'm sure many of you are wondering about some kind of "homecoming" party...and I can't blame you.  Barry and I have gone round and round about what we feel is best for Sveta...and I've not landed on a decision.  We are going to wait and see how Sveta is doing with us in Moscow before we make the call.  Many of you, I know, would like to come to the airport to see us arrive home...but most likely we will not be sharing our exact travel plans.  We are exhausted on a normal flight home from Russia, and we can't imagine after traveling with Sveta home that we'd want to have a huge party at the airport.  It would be overwhelming to say the least. 

We are working on a few options for how to share our homecoming with you.  We realize that so many have prayed, and financially supported us bringing Sveta home, and we want to share this event with you...but we also are called to protect Sveta and do what is best for her.  With that said, we hope and pray you will understand and respect our final decision when it is made.

On a completely different passport with a new adoption visa will arrive Monday morning - so I'm good to go!!  YAY!!

Hope you all have a wonderful new years eve!!

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