Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Family Gatherings at Christmas

Tonight’s Jr. High at the Greensburg Campus lesson was about Simeon (the old dude in the temple court who was told that he’d not die until he saw the Messiah) and how he waited.  He waited.  He waited for who knows how long.  Then the day came.  He was lead by the Spirit to the Temple and there he saw Jesus.  (Check it out in Luke 2)

Waiting is hard.  Waiting to hear from the Russian court about a court date WAS hard.  But it’s over.  We’ve heard.  We got word.  We have a date.  That waiting part is over.  And in ten days we will begin the next phase.  We’ll travel to Russia for our December 22nd (or 23rd) court date to chat with a judge who will either send us through a gauntlet of questions or quickly get us through to being a family. 

Jessi will probably add to this blog, but I want to share what I’ve felt today. 

A ton of excitement (finally!  A court date! We’ll finally see her again!!!!!!!!)

A little bit of fear (I’m going to be a dad! What will this judge be like?)

Mostly.  Gratitude.  Toward God and His people.  We’ve seen Him bring us strength when we didn’t know if we could take another step.  We’ve seen Him provide.  He provided so much through His people.  I have been completely overwhelmed today as we saw face after face and heard voice after voice and read text after text.  God has moved the hearts of His people and He – through them – has encouraged us beyond anything I could ever imagine.  People have prayed, given, served, and hugged us more than I could ever understand. 

I could write a thousand blogs and never quite capture how I feel.  I am completely overwhelmed.  And in a very good way.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness.  I am amazed that we’ve never felt alone in this.  So many have walked with us.  There is absolutely no way we could have made this journey (though it’s not even over) without the prayers and actions of so many.

Lord, thank you for these who have been faithful to read, eager to give, so thoughtful with questions, and ever trusting in You.  May they be filled with joy like Simeon this Christmas as they again peer into the manger for a glimpse of Jesus.  May waiting cease this season for many who wait for justice, for peace, for family, for love, for forgiveness, for freedom and all else that You bring.  Come, Jesus.  We love you. 

There is nothing left on my Christmas list this year. 

Merry Christmas,

Jessi’s additions:  “Ditto, and Amen.  And, also, I will post more of the details about how we found out, and the next stages of the process soon.”


  1. So awesome
    Becca, Grace, and I are thrilled for you.

  2. Yay! Super excited for you!! :)
    I have friends from college who traveled to Russia to adopt at nearly this exact time last year (they have a boy and a girl who are biological siblings)! So amazing to watch God work in both of your stories, and right around Christmas time too! What a blessing!!! I will continue to be praying for all of your travels and the rest of the process!! God bless and Hugs to you both! :)