Tuesday, February 5, 2013

For His Glory

As I sit to write this, I look around realizing that I could decide to do any number of things while Sveta is resting today...but here I sit.  Ignoring the fact that I need to vacuum (although doing that while a child sleeps is NOT an option), and ignoring the stack of papers that need to be filed, or the ones that I desperately need to find in the files.  They will be there when I am done typing in 10 minutes.  I'll deal with that then.

I just want to share something I'm learning, and I hope it's an encouragement to some.  I am learning (and have been) that there are only so many hours in the day.  I know that sounds silly.  I've known for a while that a day is 24 hours.  But...I really didn't realize how to utilize those hours best until recently.  Everyday is a battle I must fight to make sure that I am using the time well.  Each day I must look at what the objective of the day must be.  Is it the errands, is it cleaning, or time with Sveta, or is it have I given God glory?

I'm trying to make each day first and foremost about God's glory.  In whatever I do, have I done it unto Him?  Or have I just done it?  So, with that in mind...I try to use each day to accomplish tasks that will bring Him glory, and that have a purpose. 

Each day I try to spend time...
enjoying God in His glory.
enjoying and teaching and playing with Sveta...and showing her His glory.
enjoying and learning from my incredible husband.
enjoying a little relaxing time where I can just sit and rest.
and I try to clean a little and cook a little too...because that is serving.  Serving my family and serving my God.

A woman said to me this morning that bringing up children in the love and grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ is one of the highest callings a woman can receive.  And, I would add that I am learning that being a pastor's wife is a high calling as well (as are many others).

But I'm learning to embrace this call.  This spot where I find myself.

So today, I will write on my blog for God's glory.
I will help Sveta make her "S" the same size on top as on the bottom...for His glory.
I will load the dishwasher...for His glory.
I will eat pizza with my little family at Chicago's Pizza to support The Boaz Project for dinner...for His glory...and for His work with orphans.
I will ride in the passenger seat on the way to pizza listening to my love tell me about his day.  I will rejoice when he shares how he was able to share the gospel with someone today...

I will rejoice knowing that he was able to be God's voice.  And I will rejoice knowing that I was His hands: hugging, wiping, folding, stiring, writing, holding.

And it will ALL be for His glory.


  1. Wife, I love you. Thanks for the incredible and unique ways you support me. And I'll get the dishes tonight.

  2. Thank You Jessi for your beautiful words! What a wonderful post. Thank you!