Friday, June 17, 2011

Diplomas & Deeds

The paper we have been waiting for and praying for came in the mail yesterday!!  I saw the envelope and new immediately what it I tore it open I was shaking from being so excited.  Then I saw it.  It looked very different than I had imagined.  I thought it would be on special paper with the form number (171-H) printed large in the top corner.  Instead it looked like a normal paper and had the form number written very tiny in the bottom corner.  None the less I was THRILLED that the paper was here and began jumping around the house almost in tears because of joy. 

A while back I rejoiced at the culmination for four years of hard work when I received my diploma.  Later, I rejoiced when I signed the deed to my first house.  I also rejoiced when I signed our marriage license...but this, this was different.

Even though I worked so hard on some of those important documents, I was more thankful for this paper.  This paper was God's doing.  Yes, we filled out a few blanks and got our fingerprints taken, but this form had been given to God.  We had been begging for Him to allow the officer handling it to approve us to care for an orphan, and to send us the form SOON. 

He is FAITHFUL.  He is.  We are grateful.

What this means (as long as our home study agency can stay off the blacklist) is that we are able to apply for a court date.  The paperwork will arrive in Russia next week and our in-country person will go to Vladimir and apply for a date.  Once she does, we'll work on flights and be headed back to Russia.  We will let you know details when we hear of the meantime, will you rejoice with us?  That God is for us...and no one can be against us!  He is faithful!


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