Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

It's currently 5:26am in Russia, where our daughter is living currently with her caregivers.  In just a few hours she will wake up and it will be her third birthday.  I hope that it would be a day full of love and laughter - a day where Sveta is celebrated, and doted on, and showered with presents.  But I only hope this.  Reality sets in, and I realize that most likely she will wake up just as she does every other day and she will go through her mundane day without the joy of celebrating her third birthday.  Because if she got to celebrate her special day, so would the others...and there just isn't the money, nor the man power to do such things.

So, as I sit in my dining room, helplessly wishing that I was halfway around the world - I pray this simple prayer: 

Lord, watch over our daughter today as she wakes up and moves throughout her day.  I pray that you would let her know that she is loved - by you, and by her family.  I pray that you would use someone that is with her today to hug her and love on her a little more today so that she knows she is special.  I ask that you would begin to work in her heart and let her know that You created her and loved her - and that just as you knit her together in her mother's womb, you are knitting our hearts together.  Thank you for loving her more than I ever will, and for being her protector - and mine.  Please bring her home to me before she has to have another birthday without a joyous celebration! Amen.

I must say that I am struggling with the concept of my little girl's birthday passing without a celebration.  I am struggling with the fact that she is on the other side of the world and I am here - waiting.  They said that would be the hardest part - but I didn't want to think about it.  The amazingly wonderful thing is that I can spend this time devoting myself to abiding in Jesus - because without being connected to the vine (John 15) I wouldn't be able to bear the wait.

So, tonight, I'm writing this and listening to Barry sing worship songs to our Gracious God.  Who is providing for us beyond our wildest dreams: 

We are at 19% - that's 35 puzzle pieces - or $8,700.  Which means as soon as the fingerprints clear - we've got the money to submit our Dossier.

Thank you Abba Father.  Thank you family & friends who've listened to His call to take care of the orphan (James 1:27) - He's using you mightily!



  1. Jessi,

    Each time one of our boys' birthdays occurred before we were united as a family, we had our own celebration at home in Indiana and took pictures. We were celebrating the life of our child, even though he was not yet with us. Our boys like looking at those pictures, even now, and hearing us tell them about how we celebrated their birthdays without them and looked forward to when we would be celebrating WITH them. :)

    Love, Angie

  2. Love You guys.... Hang in there

    The McNealys

  3. I know any child that would have the chance to be adopted considers that much of the process a blessing. I pray that one day Sveta will realize how blessed she is to not only have parents but to have you and Barry as parents. Thanks for inspiring all of us to listen more closely to what God has for each of us in every aspect of our lives and then stepping out in faith for it.

    James and Mel

  4. Happy Birthday, Little Sveta!
    With love from your babushka.

  5. I can't imagine what that waiting must be like. We have been praying...


  6. Jessi,
    Think of the celebration you'll all get to share when she gets here! :-)

    The Bowman's