Monday, July 1, 2013


Sveta will soon have a sibling and I have been pondering what that experience will be like for both of them. I pray that God will make them friends as well as siblings...because I've seen how much of a blessing that is.

When Barry and I first started dating, I met his brother and sister right away (like 2 or 3 days after our first date).  We didn't sit down and talk, but I met them.  I was always enthralled by the stories he told of their times together as kids, and growing up how they interacted.  After getting married and seeing how close he is to Jill, I always hoped for a similar relationship in my own children.  There is no one in this world that Barry loves like he loves Jill.  He would do anything for her, just like he would for Sveta or I.  It's incredible to see.

I didn't grow up with siblings close in all.  I was 9 when Michael was born, 13 when Abby was born, and 16 before I even knew Becca existed (she was 15 at the time).  See, I don't have any full-blood siblings, which is the reason for age gaps and such.  But, they are my siblings just as much as Barry's are his.  It has been amazing to see in recent years how we've developed different relationships.  Just last week or so, Michael called just to see how I was.  Blessed me.  Last night, Abby called to vent/get advice because my parents were being strict (oh, how easy you have it as the 3rd...they were way harder on me, haha!).  And this morning I received an email from Becca that about made me cry.  

I am beyond blessed to have siblings, who as we are getting older, we are growing closer.  We are trusting in each others lives like we never had the chance before.  We are talking about things that matter and encouraging each other in our faiths.  (Things you can't do with someone you don't know, or who is still watching Barney as you go off to college). 

I am grateful for how God is forging these relationships, and I look forward to see how He orchestrates Sveta's relationship with her new brother or sister.  They will be almost 5.5 years apart, and I know she'll love the baby dearly.  I can't wait to watch!

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  1. Good luck with everything! I've been thinking and praying for you! I love this post because, as you know, I do not have any full-blood brothers or sisters (just half and step), and I look forward to the day that my children can grow as friends as much as siblings. :)