Thursday, May 23, 2013

God's an orchestrator...

2 months is a long time.  Sorry my friends for falling off the face of the blog-o-sphere!  I won't even attempt to update you.  But here's what I have GOT to share today::

God is faithful.

Here's what I wrote a while back (think August-ish of 2012):
"So, here's our RADICAL plan: sell our house in Indianapolis, sell our house in Greensburg, move in with Barry's parents, and spend WAY less and pay off our debts as fast as we can. People think we are crazy, they don't understand, they think we're somehow "off." I'm ok with that...because I don't want to be like the majority of American Christians who live no differently than the rest of America. I don't want to go with the cultural norm, I want to go with the Biblical Command. I'm shaken by the fact that we are more wealthy than 99% of ALL people. ALL. Me. Wealthy. I don't see myself as that...and that's wrong. So, we're trying to follow Jesus and live as He calls."

As most of you know the selling of our house in Greensburg went WAY quicker than we expected...we've been living with Barry's parents (who are I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. by the way...if you don't know them, you should), and were attempting to spend WAY less, without sacrificing date nights/family days, and a little vacation to Georgia to see my sis-in-law.

Well, here's the next big thing:
We close on the Indy house on Thursday.  1 week from today, we'll be house free...and we'll be so so close to debt free.  I'll write a post about how close once we know exact figures after next week.  Many of you probably are wondering: how long was it on the market, how many offers, etc.  Let me tell you a little story.

We've had incredible renters in the house for about 3 years.  In the fall we tried to put it on the market while they were living in it and planning on moving into a house of their own soon...but their house fell through and it was just too hard to list while having them their.  We decided to wait, and pulled the listing after not long at all.  They've continued to live there and look for houses. 

We let them know at the beginning of April, that we planned on listing the house on June 1st and that they'd need to be out so that we could do so.  We were prepared to pick up mortgage payments for a time so that we could sell the house.  Well, a few weeks ago - Barry got a text that said something like this from the renter..."please call ASAP, we'd like to talk about buying the house."

What?  Seriously?  So, after setting a selling price, going back and forth a bit, and deciding to go without a realtor...we signed a purchase agreement...and now have a date for closing.  Incredible...since the house NEVER went on the market this time around, and we are saving about 7% by not using a realtor.

I look back at what I wrote in August, and never imagined how God would orchestrate all of this.  We sought God and decided to follow through with what we felt He was asking of us...and He is pouring out His blessings on us.  He is so so faithful.  He's amazing...beyond my comprehension.  I'm so grateful I serve such a BIG God. 

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