Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another journey begins...

I have been contemplating whether or not to even begin to write on here again, or if I should change blogs (like many who have completed an adoption do).  I, however, felt inspired yesterday to start writing again.  So, I finally got to it...

Today.  I want to just touch on some of the adventures that we are embarking upon in 2013.

1. Sveta has begin learning more and more each day, and we are now using a bit of Kindergarten curriculum during school.  She's working on sight words, reading simple sentences, and counting by 10s and 5s.  We've been working on different Bible stories and verses as well.  She's incredible.  I am amazed daily by her ability to retain information, how quickly she learns, and how faithfully she believes. 

2. I am getting involved with some "guest blogging" with MercyFound Ministries.  (Doesn't that sound official??)  My friend Melissa, who brought her son home from Russia a few months after we came home, is involved in beginning a ministry to families who are adopting.  I get to be a guest blogger, and I'm honored to have been included, and excited about what God will do through me in this avenue of service!!  Check them out here::  www.mercyfoundministries.com

3. We are having a baby (in case you haven't heard).  The baby is due to arrive on July 4th...and it's nice to have an estimated due date this time around.  Expecting a baby while carrying him/her is very different, and yet, strangely similar to expecting a baby while waiting from halfway around the world from her.  Sveta is thrilled to become a big sister, and would like to name the baby "Lily" if it's a girl.  That's what she names everything...don't really know where it came from!  I know she'll be an incredible big sister!!

Anyway, expecting.  There's excitement, there's fear, there's pain.  This time the pain is so different.  It doesn't come from not knowing how your daughter is feeling...it comes from the feeling your baby gives you as you attempt to eat.  It doesn't come from the ache you feel from missing your daughter who is halfway around the world...it comes from the ache in your back, feet, neck, shoulders, stomach, and places you didn't even know could ache.  It doesn't come from the disappointment of things being put on hold because someone went on vacation...it comes from the desire for some rest and yet not finding any because you just can't sleep more than maybe 3 hours without waking for some reason or another.  SO different.

And yet...the same. 
I am preparing for baby.  Just like I prepared for Sveta.  I'm reading info on breastfeeding, instead of on children who hoard.  I'm reading about baby gear instead of attachment and bonding...but I'm researching and preparing. 

I am excited.  To have a child placed into my care to love and teach.  Just like I was with Sveta. 

I'm sure there are many many other things I could touch on...but I leave you with this question:

What are you embarking upon in 2013?  I hope to share more of my journey with you, in hopes that you'd be encouraged along your own path.  I pray that you'd walk that path closely with Jesus.  It is certainly the only way I am able to still be walking along any path.

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  1. I love that you are blogging again. I've missed it.

    You are not the only one amazed by Sveta :-) Every minute I spend with her is like a slice of heaven. I just marvel at everything she does. I can't believe she's been home almost a year... INCREDIBLE!

    As far as what I'm embarking on in 2013... I am working at spending more time reading God's Word (especially OT). I have learned so much since I've dedicated myself to reading the Word instead of relying on my Pastor or Sunday School teacher to teach me about it. I am also working at being a better spiritual leader in my home. With 2 out of 3 kids out of the house it may seem a bit late, but I have to start somewhere :-)

    Take care!
    Love you!